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#1: Two Tone Kitchen Cabinets
Lighter upper cabinets and darker lower cabinets. Painted wall cabinets and a stained island. The combination of ideas are endless, but this is a great way to showcase the different wood grains has to really make a bold statement.

#2: Extra Large Format Tiles
Typically in most homes the largest tile you will see is 12 X 12 or even a 12 X 24, but what about something larger? If you have a large space you are trying to tile or even a smaller space like a bathroom wall and/or fireplace, you could use as few as three to four of these large tiles! Bigger is better right? 

#3: Deep Kitchen Drawers
A majority of older homes have quite a few cabinet DOORS and not so many cabinet DRAWERS. This new trend is not a small drawer that you would place utensils in, but one that would hold pots & pans or even a stand up mixer! Custom cabinets allows you to determine how many drawers you would like to have and how deep you would like them to be to suit your needs perfectly. 

#4: Heated Floors
I’m sure if you drive through some luxury neighborhoods, you will see heated driveways and inside there is probably a heated floor or two, but why not make this more functional? Putting heated floors in mud rooms and entry ways will help contain those slushy, wet winter messes to these areas. If moisture does make it past the rug, then the heating elements will evaporate the mess keeping it out of your living room, bedrooms and other carpeted areas.

#5: Bold Mirrors
It has long been the trend to use plate glass mirrors in bathroom with a couple dabs of glue and call it a day, however times are changing. If you are looking to remodel, why not take down the “Plain Jane” mirror and replace it with something more authentic? Bold frames, intricate detail and unique hanging styles are making it from the living rooms to the bathrooms.