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#1 | Find A Unique Mirror

Several styles of mirrors can make a statement, but make sure you find one that complements your vanity and plumbing fixtures. The possibilities are endless!

#2 Small Room, Bold Walls

Powder rooms are typically a little tight, which means there isn’t much wall space. If you are looking for a more clean and simple look, consider painting your walls a bold color, or even do an accent wall with a unique wallpaper.

#3 Find Your Non-Vanity “Vanity”

Sure you can find a pre-built vanity at just about any big box store, but consider using an old dresser and an antique desk as an alternative option. Re-purposing furniture items can really help create a unique piece that no one else can say they have.

#4 Lighting That Speaks Words

With thousands of different lighting fixtures, take the time to find the one that is right for you. Typically this can be one of the last items you need when remodeling so be sure to look online and at specialty stores for unique options you wouldn’t find at your average big box store.

#5 Plumbing In Style

Keeping up with trends, some newer options to consider would be a vessel sink or even a farmhouse sink if there is room for one. Once again, always make sure that your plumbing fixtures fit the style of everything else you are installing.

#6 A Throne Fit For A King

Toilets can have some very unique features, but are often overlooked. Options to consider are touch less flushing systems, toilet/bidet combos and even self-cleaning toilets.