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No matter what time of the year it is, I think we can all agree that traveling to a tropical island would be something we wouldn’t turn down, but if you’re pinching pennies for an upcoming remodel, this article may bring you some insight.

When it comes down to it, new cabinets are not cheap. Of course you can always paint your existing cabinets, but not everyone is interested in that look.

One option that could potential cut your cabinet expense in half (depending on the side of your island), you could possibly re-purpose another item as your island. If you find an old, ornate kitchen table, you can build a base for it to bring it up to counter height and do a patina finish if that’s more your style.

You can also find old metal, industrial carts that would give your kitchen a more of a modern/transitional edge. You may also find some pre-built cabinets that you would be able to put on some large casters, giving your island a unique look and bringing it up to the height it needs to be at.

The options are endless, so if you have a creative mind and are looking for something a little more interesting for a kitchen island, keep your eyes AND your mind open!