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It is soon to be that time of the year when all of your taxes are filed and you’re patiently waiting for that lump of cash from Uncle Sam (well, hopefully).  This is typically the time of the year many homeowners are looking into remodel projects and what their options are.  If you are considering a remodel project, I cannot stress enough (as I have in the past) that budget is key.  In order to determine where to start with your remodel project, I have three easy steps to keep in mind:


  1. What Needs Attention?
    Go through your house and determine which rooms you would like to update.  Don’t worry about budget at this point, just think about what you would like to change in each area and write it down.
  2. What Is A Priority?
    Now that you have a list of rooms which need updating, you can prioritize which rooms you would like to address first and which ones can wait.  Something to really consider here is the size of the budget each room will require.  Updating three bedrooms will be less expensive than updating your kitchen.
  3. What Is My Budget?
    This is where your contractor can come into play.  When you are going through the vetting process of who you want to work with, show each contractor the list of rooms you are wanting to remodel and have each room priced out accordingly.  This way you will be able to compare your bids accurately.