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1. Add Some Potted Plants
Using existing pots or containers around the house that you can spray paint is an inexpensive way to create “new” planters with little to no budget. Also, using plants such as Basil, Lavender, Marigolds and Lemon Grass will help keep away mosquitoes, spiders, ants as well as other insects too. 

2. Update Your Light Fixtures
Update your light fixture or even change the light bulbs to create a brighter or darker effect (based on what you are trying to accomplish). If you are more interested in the style of your fixtures, inexpensive options mixed with old-world light bulbs can really transform how the front of your house looks. 

3. Paint Your Front Door
This can be the simplest way to help bring life to your front porch, however be careful when choosing a color. Something more neutral and basic will be timeless compared to something bright and bold. You can also take this a step further and paint the front of a small gable or shutters if you have them. 

4. Add Or Update Your Columns
Creating columns or updating your existing columns can really add curb appeal and give your house a more elegant appearance. This can be done by adding stone or wood over an existing column or completely replacing with a fiberglass shell. Different style houses will call for different design elements when it comes to columns. 

5. Lay Down A Paver Patio
Pavers come in a variety of different thickness, which makes it easy to lay over your existing walkway and/or patio, however this options can become costly based on the square footage and the type of paver you pick out.