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Winter time always seems to be when a majority of homeowners will put projects on hold. Perhaps family is coming into town for the holiday season, or maybe living through the mess of a remodel isn’t for you. There are still small projects that can be completed quickly to keep you more organized this winter season, or even get organized for those New Year’s resolutions you have planned.


Most people do not have a large enough closet to hold all of their clothes for every season (especially in the Midwest!), so changing out spring and summer clothes for fall and winter clothes isn’t the most ideal situation, nor something anyone looks forward to. If this is your situation, you might be thinking how you can optimize your closet space. Different organizational shelving units and drawers can really help improve the space that you have and allow for more room to hold all of your cloths (no matter what the season).


Many people have a hard time keeping all of those jackets, boots, gloves and scarves in one place during the winter (especially with children!), plus tracking in that snowy slushy mess can be disastrous and seem like a constant battle. Before that time is upon us again, now is the time to consider a minor remodel. Remodeling your mudroom (or laundry room – whichever you have) is the best way to contain the mess and keep you happy through the winter months. Installing cabinets, drawers and hooks will help you organize all the winter attire you have. Installing tile flooring will help dress up this area, as well as allow for easy clean up.