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The idea of an open concept home seems to be getting more and more popular (which is great considering when you knock down some walls, you really create a much larger space than what was there before), however there are things to consider and people to talk to. When it comes to these “people” I am referring to the professionals. I have mentioned before the difference between a load bearing and non-load bearing wall, which ALWAYS needs to be taken into consideration when tearing down walls and why you need to consult a contractor, an architect or even an engineer. Now in the big picture of things, any wall can be removed but it also depends on what is needed to support what is above that wall once it is gone. One option is to replace the load bearing wall with a laminated veneer lumber (LVL) beam or sometimes referred to as a Microllam beam. The more weight the wall is supporting, the stronger the beam needs to be, which will need to be taken into consideration when talking cost too. Once the wall is gone, you will also need to remember that there will be additional cost involved such as filling in the floor where the wall once was and filling in the walls and ceiling with drywall too. So if you are questioning your wall, don’t be afraid to call the professionals!