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We are quickly approaching that time of the season where storms will be rolling in and causing more damage than we would like, so I thought now would be a good time to address what to do when that storm leaves you with a flooded basement. This can be due to heavy rains, lakes or rivers flooding and even a faulty sump pump. The best thing you can do is be prepared! One of the first steps should be to call your insurance company, but the absolute first thing you need to do is AIR IT OUT! Turning on your AC or heat (depending on the time of the year), open windows move out wet carpet and get some fans blowing (box fans typically run $20 each). Basements are known for retaining moisture as it is, so the goal here is to do everything in your power to keep mold from forming. Once you know your basement is dry and the insurance company has determined there is no mold, you can start renovations on your basement much more quickly and get your home back to the way that it was. Keep in mind too that now might be a good idea to update some light fixtures, cabinets or flooring depending on your budget and the layout of your basement.