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Should I Get a “New” Open Floor Plan?

I am sure if you are talking to your neighbors, friends or family who are doing a major remodel project, a good number of them are opening up walls or taking them out completely for the “new” open floor plan that seems to be the fad.

I emphasize “new” because open floor plans have been around since the 1960s with the rise of mid-century modern homes.  I also do not think that you can call this a fad either since there is evidence showing an increase in the popularity of an open floor plan and the number keeps going up.

Architects and home builders are focusing more on optimizing space and functionality to help accommodate for the loss of storage space as well.  When you remove a wall between two spaces, you are creating a more social environment, as well as making your space feel larger than it actually is.  Natural light is also going to brighten your house and eliminate the need to always have lights on in those areas.

So if you are thinking about tearing down a wall and opening up a room or two, my suggestion is pull the trigger!