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The New Favorite Leisure Activity

According to AdMall 2017, 18% of US adults said “Home improvement/restoration” when asked: “In the past year, I have participated in these leisure activities at least ONCE and would like to do so again sometime in the future.”

I am thrilled to see that more and more homeowners are interested in renovating their homes; HOWEVER, this survey said that home improvement/restoration is being considered a “leisure activity,” which to me means that homeowners are taking projects into their own hands. Now I am excited that individuals are taking more of an interest in an area that I have made my career in, but I do want to make sure they are satisfied with their work in the end.

First thing is first: if you are doing anything major (structural, electrical, plumbing, etc.) you will want to contact the city to see if permits need to be taken out. If they do, then this project might be too big for you as you need to be a licensed professional to apply for a permit.

Secondly, if you buy anything online, make sure to read all of the fine print to make sure you’re getting exactly what you want.  I have seen too many people try and save a couple of bucks just to be disappointed when they get the product.

Finally, be sure to use the proper tools for the proper jobs. Don’t use a skill saw when a router is necessary. Hand tools are best for installing hardware (not power tools), and always measure twice, cut once!