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It has been said that the new color of 2019 is WHITE!

It may be hard to believe that such as basic color would be considered trendy and upcoming, but when you think about it – there is more than just one shade of white.

To give you a scientific perspective, the color black is definite as having no color present at all, while the color white is quite the opposite having all colors present (fun fact of the day).

It is no wonder why there is not just one “white paint” in the world, and keep this in mind if you are looking to make such a change. When you pick out a paint color (actually really any paint color), be sure to paint a large patch in the room or wall you would like to change. Take a couple of days to look at it in different light and different angles to be sure you are satisfied with your selection.

Just because a color looks “white” on a paint swatch, doesn’t mean it won’t turn out to have hints of pink, yellow or green.

If you’re not interested in painting, look into adding other “white” items such as subway tiles, vessel sinks, or even an interesting accent chair.

When it comes to making a bold statement, the sky is the limit!

Just be careful not to overdo it.

White can be a very powerful color and a very powerful statement.